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Our adventures have been published worldwide.

Exploring the unbeaten path brings abandoned buildings back to life by documenting and publishing them.
Adventures like the trip to the abandoned space shuttles in Baikonur and the nuclear zone in Fukushima have been covered worldwide in the news.

The Russian Submarine in the media

Our latest adventure to the abandoned Russian submarine “Foxtrot B80” has been published by “The Telegraph”,  the American TV…

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The Submarine was everywhere in the Portuguese media

Our epic adventure to an abandoned submarine didn’t go unnoticed in Portugal. We were on many channels on the…

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CNN featured the “Love Motels” series.

CNN featured a photo serie about the abandoned Love Motels in Japan. Click here to view the article.

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Featured again by National Geographic

Our urban exploring compilation of 2017 is featured by National Geographic. Click here to read the article.

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